> Welcome to my torture labyrinth

This site is essentially just an archive of archives. Archives of things that i've made, archives of things that i love, archives of the thoughts that rattle around in my brain, etc. It's almost like a portfolio of my mind, if you put it like that.

That being said, feel free to click around this maze to your hearts content.

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> Site updates:

(note: the date format im using is day/month/year)

> 18/11/2023

removed the marquee of stamps because i felt that it was a bit obnoxious next to the userbar one at the top. all stamps used on it can still be found in my graphics hoard.

> 16/10/2023

Made a 2001: A Space Odyssey shrine. go check it out if you like sci fi movies :] warning for spoilers obviously

> 7/10/2023: edited my blog's layout a little to make it more organized.

> 11/10/2023: completely rehauled my homepage again. Been wanting to make my site look like this for a good while, and now that I finally have enough experience to execute it in a way that I like, I think i'll stick around much longer than my previous layouts.

I also removed my chatbox [i didnt really see a use for it anymore] and moved other site buttons + fanlistings to their own seperate page.

> 3/10/2023: redid my landing/index page bc the previous one was bothering me with how bland it was LOl. i think it's much nicer now.

> 1/10/2023: redid my art archive's layout! it's not too different to its former self but now it is much easier to look at and easier for me to organize. I'll probably add older art onto there tomorrow. we'll see.

> 21/9/2023: FINALLY finished the layout for my blog/diary/writingspace/whatever yayyyy. i've had this planned for so long but for some reason i took so long to finally get to making it. go read the ramblings of a madman if you dare >:]

> 19/09/2023: made a wheatley shrine :]

> 13/09/2023: added a couple more fanlisting codes on here that i had forgot about + finished my resources page.

(page with older updates coming soon...)

> Woah, who's this guy?

this image depicts Benny Gecko, from Fallout: New Vegas. It has been heavily edited to look bright green.

this website was brought to you by venus! (he/it)
im a 17 year old internet pest and i haunt you from behind your computer's screen.

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(re)Watching: Trigun (1998)

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