> So...websites huh?

I, the webdemon, decided to make this site for myself as a personal project, as well to escape the confines of dull coporate social media as it slowly consumes the rest of the internet whole. I find that rather depressing, that all major platforms out there have lost all sense of personal identity and branding [Even TUMBLR of all sites has, if you can believe it!], as they race to copy each other in hopes of drawing in more attention and money. In smaller words, this site was made to properly express myself and my interests.

Aside from defying the laws of the modern web, I made this site as a good way to archive some of the things i make, such as my art, and perhaps one day i'll put my writing projects here too? we'll see. I also find this site a fun way to put the things I like on display the moment you walk through the door, to already get a glimpse of the kind of person I am, and the things that make up my identity and pretty much my whole personality [Seriously, I do not shut up about things I love, you will see this wherever you may find me.]

This site is also the product of me wanting to really get into learning html/css, as I had often straight up given up many times before in my attempts to understand these coding languages. Though, during the past year or so, I had dabbled in a tiny bit of html/css, via editing toyhouse codes for my ocs. As I began understanding it a tiny bit through editing more of these code snippits, It really made me want to make my own, as i'm a very picky person and can often never seem to find the sorts of themes i'm looking for. I haven't made my own custom codes yet, but I may look into it soon now that I've got a far more decent grasp on website development.

What really got my gears grinding when it came to making a personal website were indirectly through me making my own deviantart stamps. After I started a graphics hoard on carrd [I KNOWWWW. eventually moved it onto here though. Win!], A thought popped into my head that the best way to display stamps I like and made would be through making a site of my own, due to both personal websites and deviantart stamps being the product of the internet's olden days. As I slowly but surely played around with html/css more and my knowledge of it grew, I began to grow more ideas for my site. It had become something I really really wanted to make use of for myself, instead of it just being a dumping ground for gifs I find pretty.

I hope you enjoyed reading my "web-manifesto" sort of thing, as I love to babble on and on about my passion projects. I may update this from time to time as my thoughts on this grows, so check back every couple of months!

> Who is this again..?

Hello! I'm Venus (or Arcade)

I'm a 17 year old (19th of may, 2006) 11th grader enduring the countless amount of horrors life throws at me.
I do not have a gender, but I suppose you can refer to me with he/him and it/its pronouns. I'm aromantic, asexual, and gay, also.

I have many worms digging in my brain which i will not list for my privacy, but just know that they influence pretty much everything in my life. That includes this website, too. Most of the things currently hosted on this site are the product of a tiny devil in my brain.

I should mention that i kiss computers and robots. If you have a problem with that, shoo! go on, get!

I typically do not like being perceived, but if you try to visualize me I often look like an IBM computer with demon horns. Think Edgar from Electric Dreams.

I am a massive cat fan, and have known many throughout my whole life. I am currently the proud parent of a tabby cat, her name's Inky. I might mention her outside of this page, I might not. We'll see.

I entertain myself by watching various tv shows, playing video games on my computer and my Nintendo Switch, drawing things that appeal to exactly 5 people, and hanging out with my buddies!

list of things i am currently spinning around in my head include:

General Media: Portal 1/2, Half Life, Team Fortress 2, Trigun, Splatoon, Undertale/Deltarune, Fallout, Metal Gear Solid, Death Note, Warrior Cats, Ultrakill, Reanimator, 2001: A Space Odysessy, Will You Snail?

Music: Talking Heads, Pink Floyd, Depeche mode, Rinse & Repeat, Stevie Dinner, My Chemical Romance, Oingo Boingo, Echo and the bunnymen, Wall of Voodoo, Tears for Fears, XTC, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, MGMT, Wham!, Ween

Misc: komaedalovemail, internet/fandom culture, spirals, clowns, robots/machinery, tumblr sexymen

> Testimonials:

funny things my friends have said about me because i love friendship

If you aren't sick of me yet, feel free to stalk me on Tumblr, Last.fm, and Toyhouse also. (I will probably make a dedicated oc page on this site in the future, but for now they're all hanging out there)

My Steam account's friendcode: 1123382395
My Switch's friendcode: SW-1687-7979-5855