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> Entry: 24/09/23

Fallout 4 replay screenshot archive + stop making sense imax screening ramblings

Fallout 4 replay screenshot archive

Recently, I've been on a bit of a Fallout kick, especially towards Fallout 4. (I plan on finishing my Fallout: New Vegas replay soon though, I will probably dump my thoughts on that here, too, as some of my favourite characters ever come from that game.)

So I thought, why not create a screenshot archive for my fo4 replay on here for fun? alongside annotations of them. (some of these will require additonal context to why I took them, after all)

Ah, good ol' bethesda and their very functional games. Nicky V. buddy. your desk. Where did it go.

I remember taking this because I got so badly jumpscared by Nick's bright yellow eyes. Someone get him some brown eye contacts im crying.


The world is so beautiful. Literally just hanging out by the campfire. What more could you need?

If it wasn't already obvious I like Nick Valentine a normal amount. And so whenever one of these little notifications popped up it made me soooooo happy.

Hey. Hey man. What did you mean by this? Hey? Nicky?

You uh. Might want to back up a little. Not complaining but there are raiders right behind us about to blow us up. okay?

My sole survivor and Nick hanging out with another kitty. Meowwwwwwww


:[ Ada.........ough


This is the funniest moment in this fuckass game by far im so serious.

Hm. Not sure that's supposed to happen. John Hancock clipping inside of a wall incident.

Companions in Fallout 4 are so funny. They will just sit next to dead bodies like it is nothing. I wouldn't blame them honestly they see dead people at least 10x a day, and that's just me being genorous

Stop Making Sense 40th anniversary Imax screening:

Alright enough about Fallout. Went to the local Imax theatre a second time this week and got my fucking mind blown. David Byrne you crazy bitch.

I fully understand when people say that concert film is quite possibly the best one ever made, especially when viewing it on one of the biggest screens on earth. All of the people that were playing their heart out on that stage 40 years ago probably had no idea the impact they'd have on so many people. It's genuinely crazy.

I got to sit at the very front of the theater, and it felt like I was there at the actual concert with how close that absolutely colossal screen was to my face. I'm so convinced something in the air shifted for me after seeing that because I have not recovered from it.

Though I have watched stop making sense many times before, I would often never end up watching the full thing due to my extremely limited extention span. So I am so eternally grateful I got to see It in theaters where that would be the only thing in the room to catch my attention, not to mention getting to watch it in insanely high quality, too.

I was so worried I wouldn't get to see it because of It being limited to only a few days of screening, but luckily I got to go!

Talking Heads have been one of my biggest interests for about 2 years by now, and this event for sure added to it by a great amount.